Sight Glasses & Level Gauges

Marine Industry Only - The 9900 sight glass gauge was created for the Marine Industry to provide a reliable visual means to see tank contents at sea. This product is ABS type approved for most vessel tanks from 8” to 180”. Available in S.S. or C.S. construction with threaded or flanged connections to the tank.

Data Sheet

Marine Industry Only - The 4400 is a close-mount level gauge is ideally suited for applications in which the level gauge must be mounted with a minimum of protrusion from the tank. Nickel plated brass or S.S. construction. Process connections are 1/4”MNPT or 1/2”MNPT. Ideal for small lube oil or hydraulic oil tanks from 4 to 60”.

Data Sheet
The 905AS/946AS brass valve and ball check set for 5/8" sight glass with 1/2" MNPT process connection and drain valve on bottom valve. Data Sheet
Marine Industry Only - The EPG sight glass gauge and KTV valve sets depicted. The EPG gauge comes as a kit (un-assembled) or as an assembled gauge (center to center depends on valves used). All S.S. construction with 5/8” or 3/4” fittings. The KTV valve sets with ball check valves and manual gate valves intergral, come C.S. or S.S. construction. Mounting is 1/2”MNPT or 3/4” MNPT. Data Sheet
Marine Industry Only - KSF cast body sight flow indicators have a heavy duty cast construction to handle pressure and temperature requirements. A glass window on either side provides product visibility. Mechanical indicators to enhance the visibility of the media include flappers, rotors, and drip tubes. Standard materials of construction are carbon steel, 316 SS, ductile iron, and bronze. Hastelloy C 276 and alloy 20 can also be supplied. Threaded connections from 1/4” to 2” and flange connections from 3/4” to 12”. High temp indicators available. Data Sheet
Marine Industry Only - The MLG (Magna-Site) is a magnetic level gauge providing a closed gauging system utilizing three components; a magnetic flag assembly, float and a gauge housing chamber. Many available options on this gauge, such as; level transmitter, level switches, height scale and custom content scale. Available threaded or flanged tank connections from 1/2” to 6” and side mounting or top mounting to tank. Data Sheet
The TVG II provides a dual window sight glass gauge for viewing into all closed tanks. For tankships, tank barges and all land based tanks. The unique design of the TVG II provides the best means for viewing into tanks. Data Sheet